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Our origins


is with great pride that we present our origins. Every
farm, as such, must have a farm behind it, own land, owned or rented, which are the main source of income of the agricultural entrepreneur.Our lands, as they are

mountainous, are not located in unified areas but are fragmented into small plots scattered throughout the territory between the hamlets of San Tommas or, Scagnano and Abbateggio. We have centuries-old olive trees, planted by our great-grandparents, fruit plants with an ancient flavor, such as quince, bitter almonds and local walnuts, we have a seasonal vegetable garden that gives us so much satisfaction every year, making us harvest: tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini , peppers, basil, parsley, sage, rosemary, alfalfa, chamomile, oregano, melons, watermelons, potatoes, cucumbers. Then we have durum wheat, a rich and precious source, from which we obtain the golden and wonderful flour.As a farm,

in a village about 30 meters from the company headquarters, we have our low court animals: hens, rabbits, chickens, turkeys and pigs. We would introduce them one by
one but as you will understand they are not very accustomed to being disturbed and so we tried to photograph them for you, to let you know.

Our farm is strictly organic, as it has all the certifications required by law for the total conversion to organic. Our
products: wine, oil, jams, preserves, are all strictly organic.


Mountain or sea?

Why choose?


the mountain to the sea or

vice versa: our idea of


has become over the years our passion and doing it better, our goal always. To improve ourselves to make you feel at ease, streamlining the tedious check-in operations, to immediately leave you free to choose what to do and what to visit, without ever abandoning yourself, through whatsapp, telephone, email or whatever is most convenient for you, or provide you with all the information you need to move immediately in a streamlined way or even recommend the typical places to eat or buy local products, to take home some of the Abruzzo

is a fantastic region and dedicating time to it both exploring the mountains and relaxing by the sea was our goal that we finally reached, with patience

and dedication. chetti holiday double mountain - sea or vice versa, without ever giving up comfort and always choosing us as a guest, also staying in our facilities in Francavilla al mare, facing the sea, petfriendly and with numerous

nearby services. Below you will find the links of our facilities, for information on packages do not hesitate


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